This is a web marketing confession session.  Do as I say, not as I do…

I am Lorrie Thomas.

I am a bad blog mom.  

I have abandoned my blog.

Yep, it’s true.  I abandoned my blog, it’s been way too long since I posted.  But admitting you need help is the step to web marketing recovery, so I’m making my way back to healthy marketing by owning it, sharing it, and making steps to improvement!  

Even the pros can fall victim to social media overwhelm.  I have been traveling, teaching, speaking, running the agency, dealing with random external life issues and let me tell you, I have a TON of amazing blog posts floating around in my head, but in a moment of self-diagnosis, I admit that I have failed to execute brilliantly (ok, or execute at all!)

I am sorry, I will try harder, but there is a valuable lesson, tip and a silver lining to my failure….you ready?  

Here it is:

Team Blogging Can Support Strong Blogs even When Some Team Members Fall Short!

Many of you probably have no idea what a blog abandon-er I have been because the Wild Web Woman blog is run by over ten web marketing nerds (and proud of it) so the power of team contribution has kept the blog content updated, interesting and strong!

Although excuses are not the way to reach recovery, I do want to at least EXPLAIN why I have been a blog abandon-er so you understand my lousiness…the answers are online.  Just go to our WMT News Page to see the cool media attention we’ve had, and go to our web marketing speaking events page to see where I have been and where I am off to next!

Blogging is an investment.  There is a lot to think about before you enter the world of blogging.  It’s like having a baby (minus the diapers and college tuition requirements).  Blogs need love, attention, support, structure and leadership.

Anne Orfila, our Psycho Web Analyst, wrote a great Whitepaper on Blogging Best Practices that is a must-read for anyone who wants to blog to brand, build and boost business.  Her points are all points I considered when I created the web plan for

I purposely invested in a blog solution that allowed for multiple authors just for this reason – so when we had other stuff to do, the blog kept living!  

TEAMTogether Everyone Achieves More.  

I am nothing without my team at Web Marketing Therapy and our blog is great because of team support!

Gawad, it feels good to be back…I feel better already!  What do you want us to blog about next? 🙂