AnaMaria Herrera (WMT’s Client Attraction Specialist) and I have a pattern of rather hysterical text messages and email exchanges (think silly girl gab meets she-geek words meets marketing debates) and today was no different.

I am coaxing her into guest blogging (and I am one persistent chica, let me tell ya!) and her email reply was Comic Relief share-worthy:

You crack me up chica.. instead of darth vadar calling me to the dark side…it’s LT calling

Come to the Web Marketing Side.....
Come to the Web Marketing Side…..

me to the web side

I always thought of myself as a web marketing evangelist, not a “Darth Vadar”, but if the shoe fits…

It is my purpose in business to call everyone to the web side…but in the name of good business, not evil.  🙂

AnaMaria, touche’!  Thanks for the post caffeine laugh and I WILL get you to the web side…come to the light….(insert Darth Vadar breathing or click YouTube breathing below)