marketing_rx1In today’s time-crunched, tech-centric, world, we tend to feel overwhelmed by the plethora of web marketing tools out there.

The key is to remember that it is not the tools but how we use the tools that makes our marketing matter. Enjoy this dose of web marketing therapy to kick-start the week!

Web Marketing Advice: Five Healthy Marketing Tips

#1- Stop selling and start serving your prospective customer
Customer service via well-managed websites, educational content, blogs, email newsletters, etc… that have VALUABLE content will allow you to do what marketing is really all about, build relationships. Relationships (via service first) equal sales, pushy sales tactics do not make you money honey!

#2 – Be an educator. Teach to build trust and credibility
Use the web to engage in markEDing! (Marketing from an EDucational vs. overtly promotional approach). Share educational materials, content and tips to funnel people into signing up for your events. Being an educator via authoring online content can help you go from being an expert to being an AUTHORity and that is where credibility kicks in. Utilize social media networks, email, blogs and micro blogging as a platform to reach consumers and educate them with your expertise.

#3 – Craft valuable content that also multi-tasks to boost search visibility
The slogan “content is king” still holds true. Content is an important element to web marketing because it fuels search indexing, builds indexed pages for a website, serves customers, and boosts visibility.

#4 – Re-purpose your marketing assets and collateral online
Recycling is not only good for the planet, but it is also good for your marketing!Videos can be edited and hosted on video-sharing sites, photos can be posted on your blog, and great content can be re-purposed on your website and shared on ezine sites, newsletters and on social media sites. No need to reinvent the wheel, be creative and recycle marketing collateral!

#5 – Build a successful email marketing campaign
Make sure your email marketing execution is on brand, on purpose, and offers relevant value. Do not let tools like social media dissuade you from making email a priority in your marketing planning. Email marketing still works!

If you have any marketing tips to share or questions to ask, don’t hesitate to reach out!
Virtual Marketing Hugs,
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