Need support?  You have come to the right place!
Need support? You've come to the right place!

As we were driving to my in-laws house for Thanksgiving, my son was peacefully asleep in the back seat, with his head resting on his favorite new thing…his teddy bear. According to the parenting magazines I pour over, this is a GREAT sign…a sign of independence! It signifies a step forward, but the bear provides security that is there anytime he wants it.

I couldn’t help but think about Web Marketing Therapy, it is very much like a teddy bear! You might be in the very early stages of launching a web page, much like my son is in the early stages of independence. As you learn the ropes and test the waters, it is always good to know that there is someone to offer support, comfort or just a shoulder to rest your head on…that is where Web Marketing Therapy comes in! You can come here anytime for advice, support, guidance and maybe even a good laugh! We are always here for you as you learn, live, experience and grow! Hopefully the stories we tell will guide you through the Wild Web and help you achieve your marketing goals!

Happy Turkey Day!

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