I stumbled across a blog post I wrote in 2009 called the Top 10 Ways to Make Money from Your Site and wanted to re-address these helpful points so you look at web marketing critically and strategically.  Making money from your site is not a secret sauce.  The special recipe is in HOW you use websites as strategic marketing tools – THAT is where they money is!  My ten+ years of expertise has helped me map out best practices.  All the links click into expanded blog posts – enjoy!  Wild web marketing tip: If you have great content that is buried in your blog, bring it back up to the surface like I did here and re-share it (recycling is good for the planet but it also is good for your web work!)

Top 10 Ways to Make Money from Your Site
1. Be an educator on your website.  Remember, these days, EDUCATION is directly tied to SALES.

2. Put the web to work as a supporting “cast member” to the direct salespeople at your organization.  Like we looove to say at Web Marketing Therapy, “Web Marketing is Batman, your website is Robin

3. Your website needs to SERVE to sell. (Not the other way around)

4. Boost your Like, Trust, Convince and Response “ability” factors to boost Sell-ability (and money honey!)

5. Make sure your current and prospective customers are NOT afraid to talk to you online!

6. Rely on healthy web marketing support tools to UNDERSTAND your website better

7. Aim High with your website plans but (please!) execute sober :-)

8. Respect that web work is a process – don’t skip steps!

9. Remember that web marketing is a RELATIONSHIP building tool, but some art (and heart) into your website!

10. Web Marketing Success Begins with You – Be Ready to Own Your Web Success


  • And don’t you just love those websites that blandly greet you with “Welcome to Our Website”? Arrrggghh! I don’t want to be ‘welcomed’…. I want you to tell me how you can help me, and tell me no, clearly and concisely, otherwise I’m out of here!

  • Hi David! LOL – I have a personal issue about “Welcome” on a home page of a site but it’s the music on sites that really gets me….that was so 1999!!

    Sites need to say who you are, what you do and whom you serve and make it clear what to do/where to go!

    Thanks for the post!

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