I was reading an article on an airplane that connected happiness to simple daily activities like doing laundry, cleaning the house and maintaining yard work.  (I know, I was skeptical at that first statement too).

The study was making a correlation to our “busy” culture, where we tend “to do less to do more” hiring professionals to do more and more work for us.  The article was saying the less we did, the more likely we were to experience unhappiness.

The article (and I wish I could cite the source, it was one of those days where I was blazing through in-flight magazines and stuff I had in my travel bag) said that the less we did, the unhappier we were.  There is a level of self-worth and pride in being able to be productive and make a contribution, even down to accomplishing simple tasks.

And the same goes with web marketing execution.

I find that some of the happiest professionals are ones that are able to participate in their web marketing in some way, shape or form.  This does not mean that I suggest you learn web programming languages, or become your own web designer, but I do encourage you to take the reins and become a proud participant in cyberspace.  Being proactive (vs. reactive) and taking an active management role with your web marketing will give you a sense of pride, accomplishment and worth.  Here are some ideas:

-Writing blog posts
-Posting blog posts
-Updating Facebook pages
-Identifying website optimizations
-Taking a private training to learn more about an aspect of web marketing to improve your job skills
-Self-educating online by reading free eBooks or watching free webinars

You do not need a degree in web marketing to do web work on your own.  There are great free tools on www.webmarketingtherapy.com/shop (eBooks, Online Tutorials, Inspiring Podcasts) that can point you in the right direction.  Personally, I love emailing my web designers website updates and seeing my ideas become a reality.  When I hit “Publish” on this blog post I will feel a little warm-fuzzy by being able to share a little webdom with you.

Success comes in CANs and failure comes in CAN’Ts.  What we CAN do is what makes us go WOOHOO!!!

Adults learn by DOING  It’s ok to be a healthy skeptic, ask a lot of questions, but get in the ring.  The great news with web work is that it’s really difficult to mess up.  With most web applications, you can edit, erase or expand.

Sense of accomplishment comes from taking a proactive role in life and work.  Roll up your sleeves, stop fearing the web, ask for clarification about things you don’t understand and get ready to get some happy juice by doing a little more work.

I never thought doing more work would equal happiness, but I can absolutely see the connection between action and accomplishment.  Personally, I love doing dishes and laundry because they are tasks that I can actually complete! 🙂  I had a little dose of comic relief when I realized that the same mojo from doing simple chores could come from proactively managing web marketing work!

Make it a meaningful marketing year.  Learn, try, grow and love the wonders of web work!


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