Marketing is both an art and a science. But without HEART, time, effort and money spent won’t ever get you the results you seek.


One of my marketing man crushes, Simon Sinek says in his TED talk, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.”

Most marketing talks about what a company does, even how a company does it. Sinek helps so many companies break down why they do what they do…when the why is communicated better, marketing breakthroughs begin.

Marketing is not about selling your products and services….it’s about helping others. The true meaning of marketing is maximizing exchanges. If you are not clear on your purpose (your “why?”) then your marketing and sales are in desperate need of an intervention.

marketing_rx1Marketing Rx Time!

Ask yourself these TWO SIMPLE questions:

1) What are my customer’s problems?
2) What can I help them solve?

Marketing needs to address root issues. When this is clear, your communications (ads, website, social media, emails) can really get to the heart of what you are about and help you connect better (and sell better!)

Look, everybody feels stressed about marketing at times. Sometimes the more we read, the guiltier we feel…not blogging enough, updating our website, checking our data, managing our social media…

I’m not here to stress you out….my WHY is to help de-stress inspiring professionals and help them get on the right path.

Breathe…this is just marketing…

wmt_heart copy1Remember that marketing success does not come from quantity, it comes from quality efforts.

When you are aligned with your target customer and understand how you can help them, your ads, social media posts, blog posts, emails….everything becomes clear. Put the pieces of your marketing puzzle together from a place of heart.

Learn, give, grow and love…make your marketing matter…be helpful!

Virtual Marketing Hugs,

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