Here’s a helpful bit of web marketing management advice…full of:

-Vitamin F (F as in Free!)
-Vitamin G (G as in Google!)

Want to stay on top of what is being said about your company, you, your competitors or industry? Then get on Google Alerts!

Tips on Using Google Alerts for Web Marketing Management:

#1 – Go to
#2 – Set up Google Alerts for phrases like:

a. your company name
b. names of people you want to track (like you, the founder or CEO of the company you work for, etc)
c. industry terms or competition names that you want to stay up on.

Google will email message you links with the phrases you specify based on what you ask to get fed.  WMT’s Wild Web Women use Google alerts to stay on top of our company buzz, our client’s buzz…even leveraging the feeds for phrases to help us get ideas of things to blog about, Tweet, FB share, add to press pages for clients, etc!

TIP: Do the names in quotes (example “web marketing therapy”) so you get accurate results, otherwise your inbox may be bombarded with random broad web links.

Virtual Marketing Hugs,
The Marketing Therapist

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  • Great tip LTR! Google Alerts can be very helpful!
    – Sometimes I use the alerts as blog content to tie in current events (for example, for our plastic surgeon client: “Did Bristol Palin really get a nose job?”) …
    – Also, if I have added events to online calendars for a client, I often can see when they surface in the search engines from the alerts.

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