It’s really great to have a shiny new work week upon us. Last week seemed to be one of those rock bottom weeks where the cash crunch was really psyching everyone out. As much as we all are feeling the pain of “no cash gain” right now, I can’t help but see the positive. One of the phrases I live by (from my Dad, who was a farmer, master machinist and total tough guy) is:

“Stop your sniveling”

I would like to encourage all of us small business owners to stop our sniveling, as success comes in cans and failure comes in can’ts….think ahead and think SMART. So, what CAN we do to have business success in tough times?

We can stop taking about what we don’t have and focus on what we do have.

The web is the most lucrative, low cost (or no cost) way to boost your business. What are your assets that can be leveraged to help boost your business?

Are you an expert in your field? Can you write articles to sell to your clients or use to get visibility or guest blog or attract email sign ups with? Can you launch a blog to connect and collaborate to boost connections and awareness?

Is your business based in a particular geographic location? Are you listed for free on,, Google Maps or Yahoo local yet?

Can you take all the email questions you get asked and add a Frequently Asked Questions page to your site to better serve your customers and attract more search results?

Can you use free social networking tools like and to make new contacts and get out there?

I want to encourage all of us to look at what assets we HAVE (photos, expertise, videos, writers, blogs, contacts, relationships, social networks, articles, press plugs, anything! everything!)

Get creative to take the tools that you have and put them to work to get what you want.

And don’t forget your biggest marketing asset – YOU 🙂