The task of marketing can feel daunting.
  • Share your story, but not tell too much.
  • Communicate consistently, but don’t overwhelm.
  • Be present and seen, but don’t annoy or displease.

We are told to be optimistic, go-getters, and forward-thinking with marketing. We are expected to stay on top of all the latest trends. We’re told that we must accomplish “x, y, and z” to ensure business will be successful. But, having sheer willpower and being optimistic alone doesn’t mean you can consistently achieve all of your goals.

So why is it that we have some (or many) days where as soon as that alarm bell goes off, the prospect of accomplishing all of those “I must go out and market” tasks leave us tired for the day that has yet to begin?

The social media engine itself has created unrealistic expectations for marketing.

Just as social media has created unrealistic expectations of body image and self-worth, it has warped our expectations of what we can expect from marketing itself.

As important as we know it is, marketing has created a certain level of intrusion into our lives and can negatively impact how we view the idea of marketing as a whole.

Expectations are the goals you set in life, the accomplishments you want to achieve, and the set yard lines you hope to surpass with each project. But what happens when these expectations aren’t met?

  • We become disappointed.
  • We start to self-judge.
  • We stress.
  • We criticize.
  • We’re off balance.

There are, as with many things in life, things completely outside of your control. Situations you cannot forecast. Variables you cannot foresee.

Many times, we are so deep into our work, we fail to take a step back, take a breather, look at things from another perspective, and reflect on the larger picture.

The tiredness, frustration, loss of control, and stress you might feel can be a sign that you might have set unrealistic expectations for yourself, your work, and your business.

You feel burnt out. You find things to criticize in yourself and others. You fixate on very small details, finding it difficult to move on to the next step if things aren’t just right. You have a specific vision, and when that vision isn’t realized, you feel let down. You find it hard to accept any possible “different” outcome from the one you had planned.

These are signs of setting unrealistic expectations.

So, how can we return to balance? How can we return to a place of energized goal setting without the feeling of “dropping off the other edge” when things don’t go our way?

Reflection. Self-exploration.

When considering the goals or tasks you have set for yourself and the business that is ahead of you, reflect on what problem they solve. If you meet that goal, does it bring you success?

When it comes to digital marketing, before you move forward, go back and audit.

Consider past accomplishments. What worked well? What have you achieved? Why did that process work for you? What perspectives did others have for why it was a success?

Once we reflect and take that time to consider whether we are setting unrealistic expectations, and understand more of the emotions that those expectations are causing us to have if they are not met, we can see more clearly a path for the future when setting our next goal line.

When you find that new path and can see how unrealistic expectations can negatively affect your life, there’s a sense of relief that can come. Knowing where to set your limits. Focusing on what you can control.

We can only control our own actions and choices. And, we can choose to give ourselves a bit of compassion instead of blaming (or blaming others). You are working at your best, you cannot control all factors that affect business and marketing, and you can know and understand your own limits.

Return to balance

Deep breath, no marketing stress needed. Start by taking this simple step – watch this short Five Factors for Marketing Success video, then when you are done, visit get your free easy marketing audit guide.

And if you are still stressed, reach out to us for a complimentary session.

Marketing is about maximizing relationships. If you are trying to increase traffic, leads and sales from a place of stress, you will attract the wrong clients.