Twitter new layout 2014

Twitter has changed. The new twitter profile is more eye appealing, easier to navigate and seems to have more of a Facebook feel to it. In celebration of our love for Twitter, we decided to show you the features of the new layout as well as tell you how you can upgrade to the brand new profile layout. Let’s get tweeducated!

Photo Dimensions

Twitter has become a more visual experience. Both profile photos and header photos now appear to be larger, which makes profiles seem more appetizing to the eye.

When uploading photos to your new profile, consider adding Twitter’s recommended dimensions, which are 400×400 pixels for profile photos and 1500×500 pixels for header photos. Don’t have an appropriate photo? You can go here to download complimentary Twitter header images to use on your profile.

Pin Tweets

pin tweet on twitter

Like my pinned tweet? Yes, I’m an O-aholic.

Similar to Facebook business pages, you can now pin a tweet to the top of your Twitter profile. You can pin one tweet at a time and swap a tweet whenever you want. You can also easily unpin a tweet whenever you’d like. We recommend pinning a tweet about a popular event you’re hosting or a tweet that got a lot of positive response.

It’s also important to note that regular tweets (tweets that are not pinned) that have received more engagement will also appear slightly bigger, making your best content stand out.

New Twitter Navigation

Twitter Navigation Bar

With the recent upgrades, you can easily view which tweets the user has added to their favorites as well as their lists. You can also access photos and videos in one place, which makes profiles more approachable and effortless to navigate.  Sigh* I love it when it’s easy.

Ready for the big upgrade? Click here to get the new Twitter layout. Do you need graphic support?  Well, I know of a pretty awesome web marketing agency that would love to support you!  Tweet us your Twitter questions at @webmarketing_rx!