Check, check, check it out! Twitter has updated their profile design! We now have the opportunity to add an additional image, called the ‘header image’, to our Twitter profile page.

To make this update, go to settings, click design, and add header image. To get the creative juices flowing, here is a link to 10 Twitter header images done right. A screenshot of my favorite Twitter header image. shared that Twitter CEO Dick Costolo went on NBC’s Today Tuesday morning to announce a new look for profile pages on the social network and a new iPad app plus updated iPhone and Android apps. Today‘s website explains: “What’s the biggest change?
  • There’s now a huge header image that runs across the top, sort of like the banner image that Facebook users have on their timelines.
  • The page itself has been reoriented to play up other visuals as well: Your avatar is no longer tucked in the corner, but will display front and center.
  • The photo stream, too, has been moved up, and will now be accessible on the apps.”
  • Note the header image specs are 1200 x 600 and file size has to be under 5mb.

new Twitter header image

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