If you don’t have a LinkedIn Company Page yet, then it’s prime time to get on the Web Marketing Therapy couch for some tough love and learn the reasons why you need a LinkedIn Company page. Being a part of the “World’s Largest Network” is not only is a way to manage your personal identity but it is also a way to increase your company’s visibility. And with over 300 million members – it’s a must!

Marketing Rx – Swallow these statistics on LinkedIn Company pages:

  • 68% of LinkedIn members say that they would like to receive relevant news articles or insights from companies.
  • Companies that post 20 times per month reach at least 60% of their unique audience.
  • Recent research shows that LinkedIn is 277% more effective at lead generation than Facebook or Twitter.
  • Members are 50% more likely to purchase from a company they engage with on LinkedIn.

Slow is the same as stop in web and social media marketing. Stay on top of the social media curve by jumping on this opportunity. It’s a professional and free way to keep your company name out there and connect with current and potential customers. Plus, with Facebook Business pages becoming less and less prominent in feeds (unless you pay to play- read the new Facebook News Feed rules) it is just plain foolish to not create a business page for your LinkedIn account. I told you this therapy session was going to involve some tough love 🙂

Your personal connections on your LinkedIn account will be able to follow your new LinkedIn Company page. A LinkedIn Company page will increase your brand visibility and would be geared to attracting potential clients.

When posting to your new LinkedIn Company page, you will have access to specify a target audience for each post. You can choose what type of industry, the company size, function, location and language preference you want your LinkedIn Company update to be seen by. A powerful tool that is not provided by other social media platforms i.e. Twitter or Facebook unless again if you are paying for it. Here is a screenshot of what LinkedIn’s Targeted Audience tool looks like:


To reiterate – a LinkedIn Company page is not connected to your personal profile. It is simply another opportunity to gain followers and create another way to communicate and capture members and product purchasers. There is no “handling” of your personal contacts with a Company page other than having a good excuse to invite them to follow your new page to get business tips, advice and inspiration from posts and updates. The credibility factor also seals the deal with potential clientele who are doing their web research on your company and how many employees you may have and what their experience looks like. SEO wise a LinkedIn Company page will come up higher in searches, usually on the first page of searched keywords associated with your brand.

There’s no time like the present. Okay, session is over, get off the couch and and get going on creating your new LinkedIn Company page!