As the Visual Communications Connoisseur for Web Marketing Therapy a lot of what I do revolves around translating a company’s message into its visual brand. I also spend a lot of time communicating information into fun little “infographics” (information graphics) that communicate data, a message, knowledge or information visually to the reader.

Because of what I do I am always on the lookout during my internet perusing for examples of visual communication for inspiration and insight. Last night I stumbled upon the website for To Resolve Project.

The idea for the To Resolve Project is ingeniously simple, smart, fun and motivating: take your New Year’s resolution and render it into a visual or graphic that can be saved as an iPhone wallpaper. What I found so interesting is the impact that the visuals of these resolutions make, far greater, in my opinion, than if they were just words listed on paper.

The To Resolve Project is also a great way to put into practice the process of transforming a thought or message into a visual. Take a moment to notice how the colors, font and illustration choices effect the overall meaning of the resolution. The same concepts mentioned apply to branding for a business as well. Customers, clients, and the prospective of both, react emotionally to your organizations visual identity (regardless of whether its subconscious or not).

Below you will find a small collection of the To Resolve Project’s resolutions that I found particularly fun to look at, but please check out their site, and if you are interested you can submit a resolution of your own. Which ones are your favorite?  What is your resolution this year? And how would you communicate that visually? I’d love to know in the comments below!

Lydia lnichols To Resolve Project
Lydia lnichols
Inka Mathew To Resolve Project
Inka Mathew
Shane Harris To Resolve Project
Shane Harris
Riley Cran To Resolve Project
Riley Cran
Danielle Torricelli To Resolve Project
Danielle Torricelli