Our friend, D, recently shared the 2013 State of Retailing Online report results with the WMT team. The data report comes from Shop.org and Forrester and the results were released at the National Retail Foundation BIG Convention Show. The insight and data shared in the report are helpful for all business owners and can be applied to most marketing strategies. Here are highlights and stats that business owners can review to grow their brands.

Grow your brand

  • STAT: eCom metrics continue to grow – retailers surveyed reported they saw growth of 28% in 2012 over 2011. Majority also saw increases in key site metrics, like conversion, sales from repeat shoppers, etc.
  • Mobile sales are growing rapidly – retailers surveyed saw 129% lift in YOY sales from smartphones and 178% lift from tablets.
  • ACTION ITEM: Create a road map for your Mobile site investment.
  • STAT: Mobile has a net positive on Retailer’s conversion rates – 36% of retailers surveyed said mobile sales and traffic have helped overall Web conversion rate
  • Site optimization is the key investment area for 2013 – retailers say top priorities in 2013 are improving site conversion and redesigning site experience .
  • ACTION ITEM: Optimize site’s overall performance
  • Facebook isn’t Free.
  • ACTION ITEM: The best way to leverage Facebook is to spend money on it.
  • Look for reasons to celebrate.
  • ACTION ITEM: Throw a party for your customers and create a FUN environment.
  • Be Authentic.

Right now is a good time to outline and prioritize your actions items for the month of February. Do it. Do it right now.