There is no need to make creating content for social media marketing overwhelming. Yes, you need to own the responsibility of writing new posts and creating new content for your business, but we want to let you know that there is a hack to making it less of a chore.

Here’s the one super simple thing you can do to alleviate some of the pain that comes with creating content: REUSE!

If you have a blog (the core of all social media marketing), it’s super easy to reuse and/or repurpose older (but still great) content to keep posting current. You can link to old posts, reuse parts of old posts, transform a blog post into a tweet or other social media post, or simply quote from an older post to create new content. We often advise clients to remove the date stamp on their blog posts (posts still are on the blog in chronological order) so a post from years ago that is still great doesn’t look dated when reshared.

Here’s an example of how we repurposed a blog titled, “A Beginner’s Guide to Personal Branding.” The post had three major points to help individuals manage their personal brand. We took those key points and made it into a graphic, which we posted on Web Marketing Therapy’s Instagram:

how to manage your personal brand online

We LOVE repurposing emails into blog posts. Why go through all that effort to make an email campaign, knowing not everyone is going to open it? Use it on your blog too (it’s great to keep content current and give the search engines more to feed on!) Instead of letting this email (for a fundraiser) go to waste, we instead reincorporated it into a blog post to create content for the website which we then shared on Facebook and Twitter.

A few other tips for reusing and repurposing old content:

  • Repurpose your newsletter into social posts or blog posts.
  • Embed your videos into blog posts.
  • Transcribe your videos and turn them in to blog posts.
  • Pull text off of your website to make a social post, linking back to your website’s page. (Note:
    When repurposing web content to write new web or blog content, make sure not to copy word-for-word – this is an SEO no-no!)
  • Take a nice quotable quote from a blog post and transform it into an image.
  • Turn a blog post into a webinar.

We know that content-writing takes up a lot of precious time. For that reason, these tips above are a big deal for us to streamline our ability to create content and make things easier and less stressful.

Happy social media and content marketing!