Social media, for the most part, is a primarily visual platform. Which makes having visually appealing graphics/images more important now than ever! An easy step that you can take to up your visual social media game is to be aware of the spacing and alignment of your graphical elements.


People have a tendency to place important pieces of information in the design either too close together or too close to the edge of their designs. This can make the design feel busy and/or off. You want to make sure that the text/important information in your design doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off the edge or have elements too close together.

That doesn’t mean that text can’t be anywhere near each other. Placing two lines of text in close proximity with one another can communicate with your audience that those pieces of information go together. Though it’s important to make sure that text/important elements aren’t bumping elbows (touching or almost touching).

An Example of Good Spacing:


An Example of Bad Spacing:

Social Media Graphic Incorrect Spacing


It’s important to align design elements together. This creates consistency and a flow in the design. The main point of your design is communication. You’ll want to make your design as easy to read and follow as possible.

For example, by aligning text with one another you’ll make it easier for your audience to read and subconsciously understand the information you’re providing. You’re also non-verbally communicating, that because the text is aligned with each other, the information goes together. If none of the elements are aligned in your social media graphic it’ll visually jumble your audience and make the design feel incomplete.

An Example of Good Alignment:

Social Media Graphic With Correct Alignment

An Example of Bad Alignment:

Social Media Graphic With Incorrect Alignment

Taking the time to double-check that your social media graphics are following good spacing and alignment practices can make your design more cohesive and professional.

Tools like Canva can help too. We make templates for our clients in Canva that give them branded options with best practices like this built in.

We also have fantastic trainers at Web Marketing Therapy here to support you!

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