I often get asked, what’s the difference between a blog post and a press release? Well, I’m here to breakdown the differences (and similarities!) for you.

Let’s begin with blogs:

Blogs are almost always written in a conversational tone – just like if you’re talking to someone. Blogging welcomes feedback, allowing readers to post their own comments and questions, which helps create conversations. This allows readers to build a relationship with the organization, which can increase sales.

Blogging is also a superb way to demonstrate customer service. For example, let’s say someone left a question or a comment on your blog. By you responding to the comment in an educational, helpful manner, you are demonstrating your commitment to customer service (and showing how proactive you are in managing your web work!). Blogs are wonderful because they put a human face to an organization – building virtual bonds and friendships!

Plus, blogs don’t need to be long or just text. No siree! They can be super short and can include drawings and videos, providing more content options. Gee, I love options.

Most importantly in blogging, humor and fun is always welcomed. 🙂

Press releases are a little different.

A press release has a standard format (see The Marketing Therapist’s post on How to Write a Press Release for helpful specifics) and are formal.  They address the needs of journalists who are constantly looking for a story to write about and they also speak to current and prospective customers. The goal behind writing a press release is “just the facts mam”.  They educate and give interesting information.

Press Releases are created to attract buzz around a new product or service, general news, or an upcoming event. Press releases also call for a specific format to be written in, which includes a title, a subhead, a quote, the body, and a boilerplate (a summary of the organization).

Press releases can be posted on your website and (if applicable) be sent to local online news sites and event calendars. A few handful of distributing sites are free, while others can cost a lot of money (hundreds!), making it a big difference from blogs, which are totally free.

Blogging and writing press releases are both powerful search engine optimization tools that can increase visibility. They are a brilliant way to create fresh news and can enhance marketing success. So whatever you choose, blogging or writing press releases or both, write on!