Erik Luhrs, from, was the Wild Web Wo-Men® Podcast special guest this week to discuss The 5 Steps for Successful Selling.  Lorrie and Erik shared selling tips and reviewed Erik’s GURUS Selling System TM.

If you missed it live, no worries!, because you can listen to a recording of it right here in this blog post or on the Web Marketing Therapy Podcast page.  AND….Good News!  Erik has agreed to return to our show next month to discuss the Web and Successful Selling with Lorrie, so Stay Tuned for Part II.

GURUS breaks down into:

G = Genuine Self – You must be truly in love with, respect of and/or enjoy what you sell. Also, you must be yourself at all times. No acts.

U = Unique Sales Persona – You must become someone that the right clients notice and are attracted to. You must avoid the camouflage of dressing, speaking, walking, thinking like everyone else.

R = Rapport Building – You must focus fully on building rapport with your clients so you can gain trust from them, so they allow you the time needed to align with them.

U = Unique Buying Position – This is the true place (literally and figuratively) from which people make decisions and take action. People do not buy based on emotion and justify later with logic. They buy from their feelings / their gut (when they choose wisely).

S = Sales Ally – You must ultimately become an ally in your clients battle against their problems and their fight to be more than they ever dreamed.

* Be sure to listen to this Wild Web Wo-Men show to get all of Erik’s successful selling tips

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