RSS Ray of the Online Marketing with RSS Ray Radio show (airs Wednesdays at 1pm EST on just sent a GREAT email highlighting the ten things you can do to improve your business.  I had to share his wisdom!  Bookmark this blog post and check out Ray’s show – his biz advice is fab.

Ten Things You Can Do To Improve Your Business

1.  Realize that business isn’t always fair.  Change what you can, accept what you must and keep moving forward.

2.  Think, then act.  One impulsive action or moment of anger can cause you a lifetime of heartache.

3.  You are in business for fun or to make a profit. Robert Townsend put best when he said, “If you aren’t having fun or making a profit, get the hell out.”

4.  Spend time marketing each day.  Even 15 minutes daily on marketing and planning will pay big dividends.

5.  Accept the judgments of your customers.  What YOU think or what the highest executive thinks pales in comparison to what customers think.

6.  Forgive and move on.  We’ve all gotten the shaft when running our business or in our career.  Hanging on to the pain hurts you much more than the person you resent, despise (fill in the term most appropriate to your pain).

7.  Don’t be afraid to fail, but do things wrong quickly.  It’s better to try and fail than succeed at doing nothing.  It’s also imperative that you do things wrong quickly before wasting lots of money and missing lots of opportunities.  Use testing and analytics in your marketing…test to find out what works best, measure for insight and understandings.

8.  Keep learning.  Keep your mind open to new ideas, activities and approaches.  Invest time and money on improving YOU.

9.  Appreciate what you have in your business and your life…the people, the opportunities, the joys and even the sorrows.  All of them enrich your life.

10.  Dream On.  It started with a dream and should continue with your dreams.  As Aerosmith says, “Dream On.”

Thanks RSS Ray!  The Wild Web Women at Web Marketing Therapy love you!!

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