When digital marketing efforts stem from a place of fear and anxiety, there is no way success is possible.

Digital marketing paranoia symptoms include:

  • inability to relax when it comes to marketing planning or management
  • becoming socially (and social media) isolated
  • detaching from all digital marketing
  • can’t see business problems clearly
  • not trusting ideas, vendors or digital platforms
  • acting argumentative or being highly defensive

If you are feeling any anxiety around digital marketing, it’s time to push the pause button.

All the social media posts and ads in the world won’t help you brand, build and boost business if you are operating in a state of dysfunction.

I find the bulk of digital marketing paranoia issues are rooted in lack of trust. While a business leader might project the trust issues on vendors or their employees, many times, the real issue is trusting themselves and their business.

The good news is that digital marketing paranoia is very treatable. Admitting that you need support is the first step. The prescription is self-work and education. My team and I LOVE empowering our clients with the mindset and approach that works. We teach a five-factor success framework that identifies immediate digital marketing optimization needs. Once optimizations are in place and there is clarity on value and values, we begin voicing this with digital marketing solutions to support visibility and sellability.

Digital marketing vendors, platforms or technologies will not make you or your company successful.

Your mental marketing state will.

If you operate your digital marketing from a place of fear, distrust or anxiety, you will attract the wrong kind of business, employees and partners. When you are educated, you are empowered.

If you’d like to talk, reach out to Web Marketing Therapy. It’s the first step!