wmt_butterfly_quote_blogI came across this quote “Perhaps the butterfly is proof… that you can go through a great deal of darkness yet become something beautiful.” and it spoke to me in a number of ways.

Whether you are an entrepreneur on a professional journey, an organization cleaning up a marketing mess, a company going through a rebrand, or if you are personally going through some $#!t (let’s be real, life happens) remember the power of staying on the path to where you want to go is SO worth it.

I look back to when I started my business back in 2005. It was a dark time. I was going through a divorce, my father died unexpectedly, I was up to my eyeballs in debt, was trying to get through grad school and I was in the early stages of starting a business. I accepted the fact that I was in “cocoon” mode, hunkered down, kept my focus and had faith that I would emerge beautifully.

I was re-marketing myself (as a single person, a businesswoman & a company leader) as well as launching and marketing Web Marketing Therapy. I knew where I wanted to go personally and professionally and I held that vision with me every day. It wasn’t always cozy in that cocoon. I had dark and scary days, but I embraced the daze of creation and kept my focus.

A decade later, I work with my wasband, I’m happily remarried, I’m a mom, paid off my debt, I got that degree (negotiating marketing work with my university in exchange for tuition is another blog topic in itself!) and WMT is a happy, healthy, kick-ass company.

Life isn’t always pretty, but it’s pretty wonderful when you embrace the journey. You CAN spread your wings and fly!!!

Virtual marketing hugs,
The Marketing Therapist®