I am living proof that learning web marketing is not only doable, it’s fun! Only a short while ago, I had a strong sales and marketing resume, but lacked social media marketing skills. After reading the book Groundswell, I understood the need to embrace it or become a dinosaur, so I dug in and learned all I could about social media. I read books, took online courses and webinars, and gorged myself. Soon, I was creating search friendly content for Web Marketing Therapy having a blast and happy to say, getting positive results!

Strong social media campaigns begin with great content, but it’s only part of the web marketing equation. I understood this through Multitasking Marketing as I witnessed first-hand the power a sales brochure, a press release or an article could have once it was web shared using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn et al.

Spending my days on the web has resulted in the gift of social media knowledge. Here are some tips I can pass along that took my content writing to the next level:

  • Write for your reader first, search engines second. Keywords and phrases are a necessary part of content but should be “blended” into the text so it reads and flows properly. Google changes its algorithms often, (the most recent, Penguin explained by WordTracker ) making the creation of white hat content (legitimate, authentic content) even more important no matter what.
  • People scan online content, they don’t read. Use bullet points and titles as much as possible.  Killer, catchy keyword-rich tiles will provide more “link juice” to make the search engines happier and also make text scanning easier on the eyes.  Rule of thumb: if you can see your content on the page from 5 feet away, it has a better chance of getting read.
  • Link It! – Linking provides useful information for your readers and the search engines love ‘em. Always try to insert a few outbound links as well as internal linking to other pages on your site with relevant information. The more you link, the more it encourages inbound links from others, and the better the search engine ranking. Note: Make sure to give proper credit to authors in your posts and social media efforts – it’s good for everyone!
  • Become a Twixpert! Don’t know Twitter? You should because it is one of the fastest growing social networks that can help boost your business. At least learn the basics, then give it a try and see how much fun it can be.

Remember: Continuing Education Matters – Staying relevant and informed is necessary. Social media platforms are always changing and education keeps you ahead of the curve. Online courses are great because they are inexpensive (often free) and self-paced. Here are the best resources I found:

I LOVE that social media marketing challenges my curious mind. Who would have thought only a few years ago, I would be writing and managing social media campaigns for clients – and seeing results! If I can do it, anyone can!