Infographic (ˌinfōˈɡrafik): a visual image used to represent information or data.

Infographic created by me (Anne Orfila) on Canva!

Infographics are everywhere – blogs, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, G+ – to convey messages in a short and sweet way. Infographics easily stand out amongst black-and-white text and are used to convey a statistic, quote, thought, product, and much more. Our clients who use graphics as part of their social media content receive many more “Likes”, “Favorites”, and re-tweets than text only.

We understand that hesitation comes in the actual creation of the infographic. You might think they are expensive or  time consuming. Deep breath – the good news is that you don’t need Photoshop or other fancy (and expensive) software to create some pretty spiffy visual art.

My colleague introduced me to Canva – whose tagline is Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software – and that is exactly what it is. Amazing and simple!  Canva can be used to create designs for web or print. When you start your graphic creation, you choose between sizes that are appropriate for various social media sites or those that you may send to print (see screen shot of design size examples):


Once you’ve chosen the size, you can choose between ready-made templates, customizable templates, backgrounds, formatted text designs, colors, and tons of stock images to incorporate in your infographic. There is also the option to upload your own pictures (and logo) so your infographics can reflect your brand and also be one-of-a-kind.

Canva’s library has over 1 million images. There are many free options and all the other images are $1 each to use. Canva’s basic platform is currently free to upload and design. A more advanced version, Canva for Work, incurs a monthly charge.

Canva has made it so easy to create fabulous, eye catching infographics and anyone can do it! If you’re looking to add some infographics into your social media mix, embrace your inner artist and let Canva help with the rest!

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