www_happy_healthy_wealthyOne of the MANY things I love about my job is that I get to work with so many fascinating people. When these great people tell me they have issues coming up with material to post on social media, I get the fun job of pointing out all the awesome things they do and say that they can write about. When I do this, I usually hear “that’s it?” or “people want to hear about that?”.

What you do is interesting! No matter how unsexy your industry is (and believe me, I do web marketing for some unglamorous industries!) there is interesting content in all! If you are looking to find ideas for social media content, look no further… what you are doing/saying/thinking = dream content!

So many people take for granted the little things they do. These little things make a big difference to your credibility, visibility and sellability if you share them!  You know the old saying, If you want to be interesting, be interested? While this is true, also know that if you want people to be interested in you, be interesting!

Social media is called social media because it’s about people (it’s not anti-social media!) People want to see those little insights that make you and your brand come alive! Don’t be afraid to share! If you are an interior designer, snap and share a picture of some fabric or some chic tile that caught your eye in a store. If you work remote (like I am now), share a quick post about some of the things you love about working from home (I love doing that on my Instagram account!). If you think of a funny, work-related joke share it (if you think it’s funny, your peers likely will too), share it! One of my clients is a content curator and sent me this joke via Facebook messenger: “Past, present and future walk into a bar. It was tense.” I said “This is hysterical! Post it to your Facebook company page!” She said “Really?!” I said “YES! If you find it funny, it shows your values as a content curator.” Turns out, she had a great response when she did! CPA firms I support will often share tips around tax time or jokes (since we need all the laughs we can during tax time!)

Small things might seem ordinary to you, but for your followers, it will show your personality and humanize your business!

When posting, don’t forget the Three V’s: Value, Values, and Voice. Share content that has VALUE to your readers, post content that reflects your VALUES and keep content coming to solidify your VOICE. Value+Values = a strong social media voice.

Don’t forget that you can also share interesting and educational articles that relate to your field (Ahem, that means less writing!) And be sure to tag/credit the author or source. WMT shares lots of great articles on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

Part of your responsibility as a business owner is to educate your audience. Marketing is not all about promotion, it’s often most effective when you educate (we are big advocates of markeding – marketing with an educational focus!)

Social media is a powerful marketing tool to interact and communicate with potential clients.

And remember, we are not robots—everyone, including you, has a personality and people want to see it! So get out there and rock those social media platforms! When you approach content sharing the little things, it is actually more fun too!

Happy, healthy marketing!
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