My name is Lorrie Thomas.  I am a social media addict.  Deep down, I always knew I had a problem, but I thought it was just something I did for fun…I could quit anytime.  My friends experiment with social media crack and they have families and jobs, so I thought if I did social media every once in a while too that it was all ok. 

But the withdrawal kicked in this weekend and I found myself not knowing who I was.  I felt alone and scared.  I separated my she-geek self away from my computer on Saturday (thankyouverymuch) to hit my “free therapy” de-stress walk (it took seven miles of Santa Barbara walking to zen out) and as I started walking, I started having pangs of twitteritis.  I was without my crackberry and even though it was a beautiful day, all I wanted to do was hit Hellotxt with the RANDOMEST COMMENTS that kept popping up in my head…things like Lorrie is:
**Wondering why people buy nice BMWs then give them bad paint jobs**
**Laughing at the people who rent surry bikes but haven’t exercised in 20 years**
**Bummed she can’t go to Costa Rica with Julie**
**Wanting a wall of post its to map all the wild web woman words we make up**
**Thinks making up a Facebook persona profile then claiming him as her boyfriend would be funny…and marketable**

and then I thought…

**WHO CARES??????**

Was I on the verge of becoming a full fleged anti-social media convert……….OR………was I over reacting?

Then it hit me….I may not need rehab, social media may be marketing recovery!!!

The more I thought about it, the more I reflected on my twitteritis outbreaks and the posts that seem to get the most reactions are the ones that are the most RANDOM. 

Web Marketing is the most trackable medium.  Social media (blogs, social media, microblogging) creates connection and community and although some of us junkie whores need to purge random terrets outbursts because it is human nature to want to be heard, it is worth pointing out that some people want to hear you and social media addictions can be used for good.

David Meerman Scott, one of the wild web women’s marketing idols, wrote his book chapters in [amazon-product text=”The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use News Releases, Blogs, Podcasting, Viral Marketing and Online Media to Reach Buyers Directly” type=”text”]0470379286[/amazon-product]

by following his most popular blog posts in his blog.  He purged this thoughts on thought leadership, listened to what the feedback was then served his audience with a book that our team treats like our bible. 

When I feel like I “should” post marketing-educational posts because I have weak moments and fear that I need to appeal to crusty old farts that are afraid to embrace the new rules of marketing or do not find a sense of humor in our therapy puns, you know what?  I GET NO RESPONSE.  My odd, quirky, smarty twitter outbreaks tend to get more reaction when they are authentic then blah (or not at all) so I think that although I need to work on my urge to purge my passion and get over my insecurities that nobody cares, I have to remember that I am dealing with a social medium that will tell me if there is response and what I need to do is chillax and just be true to myself and pay attention to feedback.

And speaking of being authentic, I need to purge how it doesn’t help when I am on the verge of checking myself in for social media obsessive compulsive behavior disorders to get emails from Yammer that give me anti-social media guilt (real email below)
Your coworkers posted 22 updates on Yammer last week.
We haven’t heard from you lately. You can post an update to the network by replying to this email.

Ideas for posting:
* Say what you’re doing.
* Start a discussion.
* Share a link or news item.
* Ask a question.

Well, I have to go now and check my Facebook page, post something on Yammer to the Wild Web Women so I don’t feel like a loser then hellotext my post to rally support.

Admitting that you have a problem is the first step to recovery.  I have to remember that I am not alone and that if I am true to myself and pay attention to the universe, I think I will be ok…..

…will I be ok??  🙂


  • Lorrie, I looved this post!
    Very true and so funny.
    You are the Carrie Bradshaw of web MKG…

  • Ha, so true on so many fronts 🙂 I am more of a recreational user of social media crack. Fun to use it, but I don’t always miss it when I don’t. Maybe it’s one too many banal comments from bored addicts at 2:00am regarding the nuances of dealing with a hangnail that make me question whether you really need to say something to the world ALL the time.

    But I will admit that social media has some endearing qualities, so pass the Facebook pipe cuz my buzz is fading…

  • Soooo funny… I too was reading your blog and thinking Carry Bradshaw in “Sex in the City.” (I LOVE how you write about you inner thoughts and struggles! -I’ve got to do that myself much more…It’s a little bigger leap for me.)

    Also, as for the rehab part… I recently heard on the news how even our new president elect Obama is having a really, really hard time relinquishing HIS crackberry… For federal security reasons, he was told to give it up. He’s putting up a fight, saying he can’t imagine not having it…. He’s became so used it –to the ease of connection and contact! He says he hasn’t given up and is positioning for HIS BIG PLEA! (I’ll include some of that in a future blog )…YEAH even the PRES is ADDICTED… It’s a new world we’re living in!

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