Business News Daily, an online guide for startups and small business, just posted an article by Brian Anthony Hernandez on The 5 Ways Social Media Will Drive Business in 2011.  This is worth a read to inspire you with ways to put the social web to work as hard as it can to help your business.

I predict that for 2011, businesses will use social media correctly in 2011.  As the social media revolution hit, many businesses jumped on the bandwagon and pushed sales, versus using social media as a way to serve and support customers as a means to make sales.  Today, businesses are more educated and empowered about the tools, but more importantly, how to use social media tools as a way to brand, build and boost business.  Just like people get to know each other before they get married (they don’t just meet and an hour later get married!), companies will embrace the social web in 2011 as a relationship building tool, using the next twelve months to court their customers – to listen, understand, connect, converse, collaborate and expand their communities.

Companies don’t sell things, people sell things.  I have full faith that this will be a smarter social media year where sales on social media come companies offering their current and potential customers value, connecting via values (not by pushing propaganda), and voicing the service and support over a healthy courtship over the course of the year.

What are your predictions for the New Social Web Year?

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  • Companies not leveraging social media are really missing out. For some industries this information is critical. I think for many owners its more about lack of education in knowing HOW to use these tools rather than them wanting to listen. With proper education and evolution of better tools, owners and managers can learn and head in a direction of taking their business to the next level.

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