Google Shopping Feed
Google Shopping Feed

I am always looking for low-cost or no-cost ways to help small businesses get better search engine results and SELL their products and services (because success comes in cans and failure comes in can’ts), so I have to share what I think is the BIGGEST no-brainer for any small business that has a shopping cart and products to sell to get prime visibility and make mo’ money honey. Web marketers, meet Google’s Shopping Feed! Do a search for a product “adidas running shoes” or “nili lotan blouse”

See how the shopping results show up first? There are mini “vertical” search engines out there and Google pulls from their own product search if the product descriptions match up AND it is free (yes, the F word we all love, free!) to add your products!

Aren’t you excited! Well, I am!! Free targeted visibility to attract people searching specifically for a product you sell? Can I hear a hell-yeah out there??

Send this blog post to your webmaster and ask, “Why aren’t we doing this yet?” There is no excuse to not tap free tips, don’t make me stage an intervention on you and bust you for not doing this!!! Go conquer Google! Get better visibility today! Venga! Venga!

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