Facebook icon I heard through the social media grapevine that the automatic blog feed via Facebook Notes application would no longer be available. A little grape sent me this screenshot with this Facebook help link.

Facebook Notes Help
HOWEVER I have not been able to find additional resources reporting this news. For now I am keeping my blog feeds setup via Facebook notes and I have back-up tools setup as well (see below.) I know some people are anti because automatic blog feeds are not as authentic and some people love automatic feeds because they make your marketing multitask. I prefer a healthy balance, I choose to have automatic blog feeds AND I post a valuable message with a blog or article link for my audience to click and read.

Here are my recommended back-up solutions for setting up automatic blog feeds for Facebook Pages.  And because I love my blog readers SOOOO much – I included screenshots.

NetworkedBlogs (3rd party app available in Facebook)

Networked Blogs Blog Feed
HootSuite (I LOVE for multiple account management, stats, and more)

Hootsuite blog feed
Twitterfeed (easy and quick setup)

Twitterfeed blog feed