Photos uploaded on your blog and website can get read and indexed by search engines, if you make them search-ready. Healthy marketing advice – save your images with search engine friendly phrases BEFORE you upload them. Content, even in the image name, can make a big difference to support your visibility! We recommend all photos (even if they don’t get picked up by search engines)  be saved with mindful search engine friendly phrases. You know the saying – it’s better to be SAFE than sorry. 😉

So here’s our healthy marketing challenge for you: Next time you’re uploading a photo to your blog or website, rename it with search engine friendly phrases. For example, if you’re a florist in Santa Barbara, and post a photo of a new bouquet of sunflowers, you may want to save your photo as “sunflower-bouquet-Santa-Barbara-florist.jpg”. This will help your images be more visible in the search engines. 🙂

I named this pink image above naming-photo-for-SEO.jpeg in case you were curious!