In honor of Throwback Thursdays, I thought it would be fun to take you down Web Marketing Therapy’s “memory lane” via a fun tool called the WayBack Machine on  This site has built a digital library of internet sites and allows you to go back in time and see your site (as well as your competitor’s sites) and see how they have evolved over the years. We launched Web Marketing Therapy’s first site in 2009 (see below! hello rainbow colors!. We had a member’s login, we sold baseball caps and t-shirts, we had podcasts, we had whitepapers on all things online marketing. It was colorful (as in Fruit Loops colorful, oh my!) and back in the day we thought it was AWESOME!
Web Marketing Therapy circa 2009 - 2013 circa 2009-2013
In 2013, we decided that we needed to simplify our site to better reach our target market.  We took down our BIG multi-colored site, put up a holding page and began working behind the scenes on our sitemap, copy and design ideas for the re-launch of
Web Marketing Therapy circa 2013 circa 2013
In 2014, we launched a single page site (one page – that was IT).  It was short and sweet-right to the point of who WMT is and who we serve. circa 2014 circa 2014

After we took some time to ideate on how best we could tell our story and best serve potential clients, we were ready to launch our current site.  Simple, clean, easy to navigate and clearly states who we are and what we do! circa 2015 circa 2015
And we continue making small updates! circa 2017
While it’s good to remember the past, we must keep looking to the future for web marketing.   We hope you enjoy this fun tool to revisit where you started and how far you have come over the years!
Living in the past is not healthy marketing wise!  We repeat mistakes until we learn from them!