The effects of the changes in our economy are wide spread and it seems there are very few who haven’t been affected by it.  The recession is mentioned in most newspapers, magazines and online sources.   The Associated Press is no exception.  They recently published an article that talked about things small businesses are doing to prepare themselves for the economic upturn in which Lorrie was quoted.  The boss lady took the scary steps of HIRING during the recession and launching Web Marketing Therapy, where we focus on training YOU how to succeed with web marketing (of course, we are always more than happy to help in any way-we can train you or we can do it for you!)     That story resonated with readers and other publications alike and we continue to see the influences and encouragement of Lorrie, the Web Marketing Therapist, advice! is a small business owner and entrepreneur resource.  They offer tips and ideas for small business owners and for those who want to enter entrepreneurship with the right mindset.  They expanded on the Associated Press story and gave their own suggestions for preparing for the economic recovery.  Summing it all up was Lorrie’s AP quote:  “That’s the best part, to do it now…Other companies, when the boom kicks back in, they’re going to start doing what I did a year ago.” 

It’s not to late for YOU to make changes to ready yourself too!  Making an investment now in your business will allow you the time to improve or even perfect your business model so you are ready for business when the economy picks back up…and we do believe that it will!  Those businesses that have stopped investing in marketing and have lost their vision will be left in the dust, so to speak.  Take the time to make strategic decisions that will help boost your business in the long run, instead of being blinded by fear.

BE FEARLESS! Your efforts will totally be worth it!