Random Acts of Kindness Week is February 14-20 and Random Acts of Kindness day is celebrated every year on February 17th. Created by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, the goal is to make kindness more the norm, not the niche. 

One simple act of kindness can create a domino effect, touching the lives of many. 

According to NationalToday.com, “It’s a celebration of all the ways we can become a positive influence in each other’s lives. Even one small act of kindness can mean a great deal to somebody. The world can be selfish and cruel sometimes and not everyone receives the same kind of support they need. In such a world, it is important for us to constantly be reminded to be kind to one another and to give others hope whenever we can. A small and random gesture of kindness can go a long way.” 

As Random Acts of Kindness day approaches, Team WMT took the time to reflect on how our team spreads kindness…

Katherine: “I help Mother Earth whenever I can. Be it by picking up trash at my local beaches or by actively donating my time to the OC Coastkeeper, a non-profit dedicated to protecting the coast, streams, and rivers of Orange County, California.”

Anne: “I love to randomly bake a treat for someone and deliver it to them!”

Rachel: “I provide resources for parents in my community who have disabled kids. I volunteer to bring in things that my kids’ teachers need for the class, school supplies, cleaning supplies, snacks, etc. I make it a point to be extra friendly to employees at stores, restaurants, and doctors, providing compliments and asking them about their day.” 

Wil: “I always make a point to smile and say hi when interacting with people. Too often we are so focused on getting our task done, we forget that we are dealing with another human who has their own stresses and challenges.”

Mariel: “I go out of my way to make women feel empowered and confident at the gym with encouragement, compliments, or a smile. If I visit the beach or a park, I always leave it better than I found it, usually by picking up trash. “

Cinder: “I always hold the door open for people, I like to tip generously wherever I can, if I find trash when I’m hiking or adventuring I pick it up and pack it out, I say please and thank you (especially to people in retail and food service).”

Hannah: “I like always to make it a point to ask people how I can support them or what I can do to help them. Even with simple tasks, sometimes it’s just nice to know there’s someone to give a helping hand when you need it. You never know when someone is having a hard day!”

Lorrie: “I feed the squirrels, smile and say hi to people who feel like they need it, help as much as I can, make my family nourishing meals, and try to say thank you as much as possible.”

Sam: “I like to give compliments to strangers, buy food for homeless people, and smile at everyone I walk past. When I see someone in need, I ask if I can help.”

Be kind today and every day.

Small acts of kindness make a big difference.

What can you do you spread kindness?