I recently reviewed the benefits of podcasting with an awesome Law School Expert consultant, author, podcaster.  After our correspondence, a wonderful Wild Web Woman Designer reminded me to share these great podcasting benefits on the blog!  I hope you enjoy!

Podcasts are good for sellability, visbility, and credibility
Podcasts are good for sellability, visibility, and credibility
  1. You are providing another way for visitors to receive information, get educated, and get hooked (it shows your customers you care 🙂 )
  2. Unlike online videos, email newsletters, or blogs, audio podcasts allow a listener to multi-task, so they could end up listening to you on the way to work, the gym, or while they browse the web.
  3. Podcasts are also opt-in, it means that only people who are interested in what you have to say will listen.
  4. Podcasts add to your credibility and sellability factor.
  5. GOOD FOR SEO – Search engines love media rich sites especially when the podcast lives on your site.
  6. Increases visibility of other projects: site, blog, book site, etc.
  7. Including another media option to your business, like Podcasts, could help you reach a new audience because people like to consume media differently.
  8. The podcast page, iTunes, and blog talk radio, may also become a new referring source of traffic to your site (qualified traffic equals more sales)
  9. “Podcasts put a voice to your website and help you avoid being just another logo.”  (Thank you Social Media Trader for that great line and great podcast tips!)