Perfectionism touches all aspects of life – including marketing.

Signs of marketing perfectionism include:
-Editing social media posts again and again.
-Writing then not posting blog content because the post isn’t good enough.
-Obsessing over a website design and delaying edits until everything is “just right”.
-Not trusting others to help with marketing.

Your Marketing is Never Going to Be Perfect. 
You’ve got to let that perfectionist sh*t go. Inhale, exhale. Stop stressing – it’s not worth it. Your success is not going to hinge on a single blog or social media post (unless you do something unheard of like Tweet something stupid like this person did).

Let’s break down marketing perfectionism:
Perfectionism is an unhealthy state of marketing that comes from a fear of failure. Of not being good enough. It limits your creativity and puts you in a tight box. It doesn’t help your marketing and more importantly, your creativity. Great things happen when you let yourself be in the moment.

If your marketing seems imperfect, ask yourself why:
-Are you forcing yourself to write social media posts that don’t fit your personality?
-Do you have vendors that don’t get your voice and need major supervision?
-Is there a part of marketing that isn’t clear to you (like how web design works or search optimization) that is making you reluctant to act or makes efforts seem overwhelming?
-Is a task that you are trying to do not your unique ability?  Maybe it is time to hire help to get support.

Address what seems imperfect. Get to the root of the problem so you can tackle a solution. If your vendor is stressing you out, fire them. If you obsess over writing and can’t get thing right, then hire someone to help you. When you delegate work to others whom you trust so you can focus on more important business matters (Yes, you wanting to be part of every aspect in your business – even though you don’t have much time – is part of being a perfectionist).

Then Focus on what you want to see as a business breakthrough:
-What do you want to accomplish?
-Where do you want to be business-wise in 5 years?
-What needs to be done to get there?

To move forward, YOU HAVE TO MOVE FORWARD!
Done is better than perfect.

Marketing is not supposed to be stressful. At all. If marketing is stressful or yucky, then you’re doing something wrong. When you are doing marketing in a way that fits your personality, there are no issues.

If you are stuck in a marketing rut and want to tackle your problems and get on the path to solutions, contact me for a therapy session.

Success comes in CANs, failure comes in CAN’Ts.

Virtual Marketing Hugs,
The Marketing Therapist® and recovering perfectionist

P.S. I did have help writing this post (I talked while one of my coworkers typed, then she sent me my thoughts and I did final edits and additional writing to the post.  Then published it and edited it twice after it was posted.  It’s probably still not perfect, but I am moving on!  🙂