As you all know by now, video is a great way to grab the attention of your audience and that adding video content to your website, blog or YouTube account (more is better!) can be a helpful tool in an overall SEO game plan.  Video allows you to show and tell the power of what you do.

Now that you have a video, own your content, control your brand experience and increase your brand recognition with a motion graphic intro and exit. What is a motion graphic?   It’s like the short Pixar clip you see before the movie starts and there you go.

Click on the video below to see an example of a video intro and outro:

Imprint your name and logo every time the video is played with a motion graphic intro and exit and make it easy for viewers to find you by providing website information.

Remember, your video might be linked or embedded on other websites or come up on a Youtube search – so make sure the viewer knows whose content they are looking at.

Web Marketing Therapy practices what we preach and can help you create this easy tool for ensuring solid brand recognition.