Our Wild Web Woman teams loves that we are a 100% virtual agency!  Our team is scattered all over the US and we even have a wild web woman in London!   BUT, this does create a small issue with file storage and sharing!  We have used other tools to share files, but we needed a better way to house all important documents.  Our needs were fairly simple:
  • An online storage solution
  • Ability to set various access permission levels
  • Creation of File Folders
  • Ease of use – simple user interface
  • Easily download/upload files
  • Easy to share with other team members or clients

One of our web geek friends suggested Box.net and we decided to check out their free trial to see if this might be IT for us!  We signed up for our trial and found the user interface was simple and pretty to look at (if I’m going to look at a site often, I want to enjoy the experience).

Another HUGE plus – their customer service has been AMAZING (if you can’t talk to a REAL person to troubleshoot, you most likely don’t meet our list of favorites!)  I was having a slight issue with a plug-in that allows me to upload my files DIRECTLY from my PC in Word, Excel or PowerPoint to my Box account, in the appropriate folder.  My sales rep, Julianne and their  development team, specifically David, worked extensively to fix the issue and it is BY FAR the best part of my experience with Box.  Only drawback here is that they haven’t come up with a plug-in for a MAC….YET.  (Note to the developers at Box-hurry up create this plug-in so my boss lady can love you guys even more than she already does!)

In order to upload a file to my account, I simply select the appropriate icon to save the file to Box, or open a file directly from Box within my Microsoft programs and it allows quick and easy access!  If you are working on MAC or don’t have the plug-in you simply visit your online account and select which file you want to upload-it’s one more step, but still really simple!  Once you have uploaded your file, you can assign tasks, convert your file to PDF, make comments about specific files, get a document e-signed (Box is where I first learned about echo-sign), snail mail something, make edits online, etc-the list goes on and on!  You can also run usage reports, see who has accessed files, which files have been downloaded, etc, which makes for GREAT administrative insight and control!  For a full list of features, check out their site.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, reliable cloud content management system our pick is Box.net!

Happy Cloud Computing!

Let us know which online tools are your faves!