As organizations evolve, so do their websites…

But does one site fit all?

(Yes, I admit to feeling a little “Carrie Bradshaw of Web Marketing” as I type this)

Organizations have all shapes and sizes of target markets, products and services.  I challenge you to critically evaluate who you are, what you do and who you serve…then look at your website(s) and web marketing strategy and ask yourself if the people you are trying to reach and serve are truly being served well with your efforts.

Web Marketing Therapy invested in some of our own web therapy and are in the process of making site optimizations.  We had to change the message on both our home page and about page (and we are adding a new agency services page, updating the blog and adding design bling to the home page this month) because we stepped back, looked long and hard at the site and realized that were not best communicating and serving great people like you who use our site!  Sure, I had an ego-dent moment for about a minute and a half when I had to accept that my website copy (that I poured my love into) wasn’t cutting it.  Then I took a marketing chill pill and realized that it was more important to say clearly:

Who We Are (A fun Learning Resource and full-service Marketing Agency)

What We Do (Diagnose and prescribe cures for greater web health and wealth to maximize your strategic web presence and sales power via educational empowerment!)

Who We Serve (businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers!)

…then guide people to where they needed to go via design and easy navigation

Sometimes one site does not fit all and it’s wise to create multiple sites for different audiences or make your home page a north star that guides the “all” types of folks who come to you for various products and services.

It’s the wild, wild web.  There are no rules, the answers to your success start with you…if you are willing to look hard at your web marketing efforts.

Web marketing is a commitment – the only constant is change.

I don’t want to hear that you spent a lot on your website and can’t afford to make changes or that you already have a site but just need to get more people to it.

Your website is your web marketing’s nucleus – your web marketing core.  If your core is not fully functional, stop, drop and roll your professional selves into a site self-analysis.

…or call me for some tough love 🙂