Marketing is a powerful way to attract potential customers to your business. Educating people about your company’s value and values builds your credibility, scalability, sellability, and visibility.

When it comes to marketing, the only constant is change. You need to keep up with rising trends and attract your target audience.

While strategies are continually changing, there are still some ‘Old-School’ tactics that marketing companies need to be successful. These include understanding how to best market to your target audience, understanding the power of word-of-mouth, and how best to communicate and connect with both your potential and current clients.

Lorrie Thomas Ross, Founder and CEO of Web Marketing Therapy, along with members of the Forbes Agency Council, share their experiences in the Forbes article “15 ‘Old-School’ Tactics Agencies Are Still Leveraging In 2023”.

In this article, Lorrie shares the old-school approach that she finds to be the most important when running a successful business,

“My favorite old-school marketing tactic is good old-fashioned customer service. Marketing includes awareness, connection, communication and service to support sales. Most of my team members at Web Marketing Therapy have a service background, which I feel is a big differentiator, as we are hyper-focused on being supportive, responsive and creative and making clients feel cared for, no matter how large or small they may be.”

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