Twitter analytics

New organic insights are now available on Twitter. They positioned it for advertisers, but we’ve researched it and even if you’re not advertising on Twitter, you can still glean some great information – all free. Here are the new insights Twitter is providing:

  • Impressions: Number of people who saw your tweets.
  • Engagement: Total number of someone who interacted with your tweets.
  • Engagement rate: The number of engagements divided by the total number of impressions.
  • Link clicks
  • Hashtag clicks
  • User profile clicks
  • Media clicks
  • and more!

You can also export your twitter analytics into an excel sheet to save in your records. We encourage you to download your data because it makes it easier to compare the effectiveness of your tweets. Simply click on the “Export data” button located on the upper right:

Export twitter analytics

Use these new analytics as a healthy marketing prescription to review what types of tweets are getting the most engagement, and to focus on how you can optimize the tweets that are not so popular. Add this as part of your social media marketing lifestyle. Log in often and learn from what the data is telling you. Click here to explore your Twitter insights!

One final note: After clicking the link, if you don’t see your data, simply add a credit card on file and then you should have access – this worked for me. 🙂