Facebook quietly launched a new feature for Facebook business pages that allow pages to showcase their services.

The new Services feature lets you display your services directly on your Facebook page. You can add service descriptions, prices, and photos. It is displayed on the top of your page and also has its own tab titled, Services.


The Feature is Not Available for All Facebook Business Pages

I did my research and found that the feature is not available to artists, entertainment, brands, or community pages. It is only available for business pages that are a local business or place. If your business address is displayed on your Facebook page, then most likely you have your page set as a local business or place.

How to Know If Your Page Has the Facebook Services Option

Finding out if you have the option to add Services to your Facebook is simple. Go to your page, and in the navigation bar, look for the Services button. You might have to click the more option if you don’t see it in the navigation bar.

This one does not have the Services feature:


But this one does!


Here’s how it looks in the backend:


And here are the options that come with adding a new service to your page:


Facebook recently launched a new service, called Professional Facebook Services, which reminds me of Yelp or Angie’s List. It helps you find services in your local area. I have a feeling the new services feature might tie in with the new Yelp wannabe section on Facebook. 🙂

If you are one of the lucky ones to have access to this feature, take advantage of it, and add descriptions and photos of each service your business offers. I recommend Pixabay for free royalty photos if needed. If you want more professional photos, I’d say go with Adobe Stock.