A common marketing therapy session question is “how do I use Twitter to get more business?”

Since this is such a common question, I thought I’d answer it here to support more inspiring professionals.

Web Marketing Therapy Advice:  Know netiquette and tweet responsibly!

Twitter Netiquette is simple:

-Tweet things that are of value to your target customer
-Be a web “gemologist” – gather great tips from web sources so people follow you as THE source
-Serve and support (don’t overtly sell – being overly salesy on Twitter is a turn off)
-Give to gain (retweet other people’s great tweets to show your presence and build a like-minded following)
-Communicate (that means two-way conversation) DON’T push propaganda!

Twitter, (like blogs and Facebook and email) is a way to share thoughts, interesting thoughts of others, website links and to COMMUNICATE AND COLLABORATE.  Twitter is not an advertising forum.  You use Twitter to share and care.  It takes an average of 7 touch points to make a sale.  Twitter can be a way to be more visible on the web, to build your credibility and to help be another place to build awareness, share information, connect, serve and (eventually) help support sales.

Post any “Ask the Marketing Therapist” questions on the blog or email us so we can keep supporting you.  And if you want to read up more on Twitter, we have a great (and free) “Twitorial” on our website – click here to read!

Virtual Marketing Hugs,

(aka The Marketing Therapist)


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