No matter how young, old, experienced or inexperienced you are, it is never ok to ignore netiquette.

We define netiquette (communication on the internet…yes, we are so punny) as the way you communicate “on brand” and “on purpose” with existing and prospective customers via email, web, social…even text. Like any business, the business of digital marketing relies on solid communication in order to operate effectively. 

There’s a simple psychology to netiquette – follow the same common-sense rules of the etiquette of face-to-face conversation. When you are checking in, writing emails, look for ways to show your audience that you care, are positive and remind them that you are there for them. If you have to deliver a not super positive message, remember to sandwich it between pieces of good news to lessen the blow! 🙂

Lastly, remember to be human…not robotic. While digital marketing is higher touch than other marketing mediums, don’t forget to be high touch. Writing with an authentic voice is a huge part of having a successful personal brand, and having good netiquette ensures that your voice will come across exactly how you want it to.