In honor of Valentine’s Day we wanted to remind our web marketing savvy readers on the importance of cultivating relationships in regards to your marketing. Marketing is not just about the tools we use (Facebook, Twitter, websites, blogging, etc.) but how we use them to create meaningful relationships with our clients and customers.

WMT Marketing Relationships
Don’t be stumped about ways to boost your marketing relationships. Our simple steps below help give you a confidence lift to get out there and start having meaningful correspondence with your customers:
  • Listen to your customers and web visitors by paying attention to the questions, comments and interactions people are having with your organization through your web marketing tools.
  • Follow through by taking a moment to comment back, answer questions, pose questions, share new things and become involved in your markets online community. People appreciate being heard and responded to.
  • Pay attention to what people are responding to you can better tailor your content to work for you. See what content your clients are interacting with and what the most “liked” itmes are that you share. Also explore the types of things your fans are following – a little marketing research – and apply those findings to your content. More than likely you will boost the interactions with followers and friends because you are giving them the relevant content they crave and good service!

So this Valentine’s Day remember that marketing is about maximizing relationships. Let go of the “shoulds” and “what ifs”  for your marketing this year and focus on connecting with customers!

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Marketing is about maximizing relationships.