In order to become a Marketing Yogi, one must meditate on strategy, stretch for their current customers and target market, and inhale and exhale branding and communication best practices. Here are Marketing Yogi examples from Lululemon to help guide you through your marketing meditation practice. (In no particular order.)

1. They use humor to engage and entertain. Watch their viral video, $h*t Yogis Say, for serious laughs. Oh by the way, this video has close to 2 million views and they posted this video 4 months ago.

Shit Yogis Say

2. Their message is clear and consistent: “Creating components for people to live long, healthy and fun lives.”

Lululemon branding

3. Consistently offer valuable content and educate their customer. Here is one of the many quotes Lululemon shares to inspire their customers: “as we journey inward we reflect our light outward.” – Baron Baptist. You can also watch this Goal Setting video by Lululemon founder, get yoga 101 tips, or read their community blog.
Lulu quote
4. They listen and respond to their customers. See their immediate response to loyal customers on Twitter.

Lulu on Twitter

5. They are engaging, entertaining, and inspiring! You can read more on their tumblr, you can see inspiring yoga photos on Flickr or you can watch motivating videos on Youtube.

Lululemon Tumblr
These are just 5 Marketing Yogi best practices that Lululemon delivers on a daily basis. Before you go, I leave you with this INSPIRING video that makes me want to go to the yoga studio and sweat it out!
How do you like to sweat?