I’ve been teaching marketing to university students, clients and corporate employees for years. They come to my classroom for a number of reasons.  Some because their boss needs them to boost SEO, some to enhance their social media or overall marketing efforts, some to get that next best job and some to grow their business.

One of the biggest patterns (or in psychology, the “pain points”) I see is fear and wrong mindset.  I hear lots of “I don’t have time” or “I don’t know anything about this” or “I am afraid” or “I am overwhelmed” and my favorite “ewwww….marketing”. The negative sentiment when it comes to marketing is one of the biggest barriers to success. Thanks to the old rules of marketing (big expensive ads, manipulative tactics, etc), so many folks think of marketing as icky and intrusive. This mindset is unhealthy and needs to change to truly tap into the possibilities marketing can bring.

Marketing with purpose is the way to break down your barriers and move towards marketing breakthroughs.  Here are three points to get your mind thinking and acting in the right direction.

Be Mindful of Your Mindset

Marketing is not icky, yucky or evil. Retrain your brain and alter the way you look at marketing. Marketing efforts need to be led with a clear purpose and a positive mindset. When people ask me about my purpose, my answer is simple (and without hesitation): I do what I do to help get inspiring professionals on the right marketing track so they invest (not just spend time and money) on marketing. My mindset and purpose is clear. Your purpose is what gets you up in the morning. Once you shift your mindset to embrace marketing as a way to create meaningful connections to help serve your purpose, the “ah-ha” “what should I do?” doors open.

Get to the Heart of Marketing

With clients and students, I love to geek out on the science of web marketing but first I make sure we get to the heart of what the marketing is all about.  This starts by looking at marketing from a customer-centric perspective. Why are you doing (insert social media, SEO, website redesign, PR, etc.?) How will it serve and support your customer?  Having a purpose is the first part of the art and heart of marketing. This is about strategy and being clear on your purpose and knowing what your mindset is, understanding the mindset of your customer, and coming up with ideas to put them all together in your marketing efforts. Heart first, then art of design and copy + technology and tool strategy begins to fall into place.  When you use online marketing tools, do it with a service-centric educational purpose to provide value to your audience. This is when markeding® magic happens.

Marketing + Education = Markeding® [Click Here to Tweet This Tip]

Calla Gold, a respected jeweler in Santa Barbara and one of our favorite clients, thrives on educating people. She blogs, does videos and uses visuals to show (not just tell) to help people understand their options. This is a positive example of markeding®, the mash-up of marketing and education.

Web Marketing Therapy is all about about helping people get on the right path so they don’t waste time and energy in marketing. We are clear in our mindset. And by being mindful on our mindset, we are able to educate (markeding®) our clients on how to do SEO, social media, write press releases and blog posts – the list goes on.

Marketing Therapy Session Recap- Here are marketing success steps you need to address:

1) Get clear on your mindset.
2) Understand what your mindset is for your customer.
3) Be mindful of your mindset and operate from a sense of purpose.
4.) Implement markeding® (marketing + education) into your marketing efforts.

Instead of looking at marketing from a place of fear, look at it from a place of opportunity. Feeling intimidated by social media platforms, SEO, Google Adwords? Study it. Explore it. Learn it. You need to retrain your brain for marketing success.

Your marketing mindset is your foundation of marketing. Your marketing efforts won’t be as successful if you are not clear on your purpose and operate with a dysfunctional mindset.