“I don’t have time to do web marketing” is one of the most common issues business owners, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs bring to the therapy couch.

I tried for days to come up with something nice and sweet to say to help inspire readers but the warm fuzzy approach never came.  So you get the tough love Marketing RX.  Bottom line, I am SICK AND TIRED of hearing “don’t” and “can’t” in a professional’s vocabulary – especially when it comes to marketing.  Trust me, I know what it’s like to be busy, manage people, oversee projects, pay bills and more but there is one thing I CAN do:

**yes, all CAPS is screaming, don’t take it personally, a little tough love is good for you.**

Web marketing (and marketing overall) is not something that you turn on and off. Web marketing is the act of using certain web applications strategically as a way to brand, build and boost business.  Marketing is an act that you weave into your professional lifestyle because marketing is the life blood of your organization.

When people say “I don’t have time to work out” or “I can’t eat healthy because of ___(enter travel or kids or work or some other projection of responsibility)” all I hear this I hear “I don’t care enough about myself to take care of my health” or “I won’t eat healthy”

When I hear “I don’t have time for web marketing because of ___”, I hear “I don’t care enough about the health of myself/career/organization.”

Think about it.  This blog post is not to make you feel bad, it is to help re-train your brain to grab the reins of your marketing and get on top of this.  Being on top of your marketing sure beats being under it!

The next time you start to insert those wicked “can’t” and “don’t” words, think about professional self-respect.

Admitting that you need help is the first step to marketing recovery, so here are some self-help tips to make time for meaningful web marketing:

Step #1. Get some marketing self-esteem and get over the negatives.  Turn your “can’t” into a “can” and the “don’t” into “I choose to”
(The words “can’t” and “don’t” almost always really mean “I choose not to”.)  Try replacing the word “can’t” with “won’t” and listen to how the choice to do (or not do something) becomes very obvious.

Step #2. Remember that you do not spend time on marketing.  For healthy marketing, you INVEST time to grow your brand and business.  Example: This blog post you are reading may took my “time”, but I do it because it is an investment in my search visibility, credibility as The Marketing Therapist and usability (service to you, inspiring professionals who I owe it to to support).

Step #3. Choose to CHOOSE. Choice is the biggest factor in business.  Who we choose to work with, how we choose to invest our time, money and resources all boils down to what is important.  Decide what is important to you professionally, then the “whats” of web marketing (blog, Facebook, Twitter, site optimizations, search optimization, etc) help fall into place.

Step #4. Ask for help.  Last year, I met my match, got engaged, wrote an online marketing book, grew Web Marketing Therapy, traveled to speak at conferences, worked on my business and in my business and taught several university classes.  I never stopped web marketing (or taking care of my heath by taking time off and hitting the gym!).  As my time got spread more and more thinly, I did choose to hire more website managers to help keep my sites up to date, to monitor my Twitter for me when I was traveling, write press releases and more.  Even though I can do this work myself, I realized that all the items above were a higher priority, so when I needed a hand, I hired help (and it was worth every cent).  Often, the accountability of having pros on your extended marketing team can motivate more meaningful work.  Do what you do best, but don’t forget to pay others to do the rest.

Making time for marketing that matters is something to think about.  You don’t have to break the bank to do this.  I give a lot of tips in my book on how to do this, there are a ton of free resources on Web Marketing Therapy (see the Shop page – hint, all the eBooks and Online tutorials are free!!)

You can weave web marketing into your lifestyle.  Think about it like starting a new gym membership – you aren’t going to become a bodybuilder, but you can start going a few times a week and build up as you choose to.  Choose your personal and professional help.

…and remember, we are here to help 🙂


  • I hear the tough love and I like it. Changing the can’t to won’t and saying it out loud does change the way it sounds. It sounds more petulant. But real.
    Thanks to your book I am doing daily social media actions. Thanks for the tough love!
    Calla Gold

  • It is amazing what you accomplish…and with great spirit and presence as well.
    It is beneficial that you broke this down so succinctly.

    The power of choice is one of the main pivotal points of our lives.
    Cultivation of a little wisdom here goes a long way.

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