I watched this video (thanks to Jim Sterne who shared it on his fabulous Sterne Measures newsletter) about marketing to future generations.  This is worth the two minutes of viewing!  We all need to think about adapting our marketing messaging to speak to future generations…the old days of obnoxious advertising are OVER!  Enjoy this spoonful of marketing sugar!


  • Lorrie, I love that video. It’s shows me the game-changing generation that is coming up to change the way business is done. Hidebound fixed ideas of marketing will founder their adherents, where new thinking, forward looking strategy will ride the wave of change.
    I’m happy that I’m getting my marketing advice from Web Marketing Therapy, and not Hidebound Marketing Inc.
    Your forward thinking advice got me blogging, updated my website beautifully and got me in the media of my industry.
    I love that you showed this video so I know that I can count on you to advice me well into the years to come.
    Your (was hidebound PR-wise) client,
    Calla Gold

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