As I manage my client’s web marketing (as well as my own!), I tap the power of some super marketing therapy phrases that help maximize communications and results. Marketing doesn’t manage itself – it takes control, leadership, momentum and partnership.  Feel free to steal these phrases below (it’s ok to be a web marketing kleptomaniac!) for your own arsenal of marketing support as you continue to learn, give, grow and love the business of making marketing (and marketing management) part of your business!

Marketing Therapy Savior Phrase #1 – “That does not work for me.”
I use this phrase a lot as it leverages the power of choice.  We CAN choose who we work with and how we do business.  I can’t tell you how many times I have to coach clients out of unhealthy relationships (with lousy vendors or web services). As The Marketing Therapist, I evangelize that breaking up is NOT hard to do when things don’t work! If  you want success, you have to own it and that starts with cutting the crap!

In the web marketing world, there are a million ways to approach things – choose value (and cheap isn’t always value, it’s service, advisory and scalable investments). There is so much noise out there with emails, tweets, Facebook updates, text messages and more.  With the many options of who we work with, what we pay and how to run our marketing, stop and ask – does this work for me/my client/my company? If the answer has any version of “no” in the equation, then stop, drop and roll out a better way.  Fix things that are not working – you cannot have marketing change unless you are willing to change!  Own that “this does not work for me” then communicate what you want and need with partners, colleagues and team members. Marketing work requires management -choose to manage things that add value to the bottom line (education, services, products, analytics, creativity, work executed, etc).

…and I dare you to start using “This does not work for me” or “that does not work for me” in live language. It stops people dead in their tracks. It is a phrase that evokes power and really puts you in the drivers seat.  When I say this personally or professionally, it goes undisputed (and I feel like I go from my not-so-tall height of 5’3 to 6’3!).  Who can argue when you say something doesn’t work for you…it’s your perception, that is not very arguable!

Marketing Therapy Savior Phrase #2 – “Help me understand ______.”
This phrase is the biggest helper when you are trying to converse with another party (in business and in life) when you don’t agree, are upset, frazzled or trying to get to a resolution. This web marketing savior phrase helps keep marketing management focused by omitting any defensiveness by the party you are trying to work with.

“Help me understand” use example: Let’s say someone is doing something for you that makes you frustrated, upset or overwhelmed as it relates to your marketing.  We tend to judge and fear what we don’t understand. Instead of saying something that is finger-pointing like “you are always late in getting me these reports” try “help me understand why these reports always come late?”.  It is human nature for people to get defensive – statements that are accusatory often turn into defensiveness, not constructive problem-solving talk …so don’t go down that road!

After you ask “help me understand____” say nothing else and let them reply (either verbally or via email).  The responsibility is on them to educate you —you never know, the “why?” may be something that is really understandable OR can be solvable…they key in marketing management is understanding, “help me understand ____” will get you there.

Marketing Therapy Savior Phrase #3 – “I need help”
Admitting you need help is the first step to marketing recovery. When it comes to marketing, accepting that we need help can help us do what we do better and also educate us for future work. This phrase is often the most difficult to put on paper or speak, but I tell you, when this phrase is used, it breaks down barriers (mentally and emotionally) that move you towards more meaningful marketing.

“I need help” use example: Let’s say you are hearing all about social media – you “should do this and you should do that” kind of stuff.  Asking an expert to help you with with an area that is not your unique ability shows the expert that you are ready for help AND makes you open to receive the help. Do what you do best and pay others to do the rest.

Do you cut your own hair? Do your own surgeries? Practice your own law?  …I doubt it. Ask marketing experts for help (many of us offer free consults) and get ready to get supported.

These phrases become useful only with practice. Put them on a sticky note and tape them to your computer – practice makes marketing more perfect!



  • Thanks for reminding me about these phrases, Lorrie. You are so right when you state they can be powerful in both professional and personal contexts.

  • Happy to therapy-ize Lori!! 🙂 another one I love is “It seems to me _____” this is another finger-pointer-avoider (but a great way to get your point across in a healthy, productive way!)

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