If you want to make your marketing meaningful, matter AND pay then keep reading.

So many leaders work from the outside in…I hear a lot of “we do/make/sell ______” versus getting to the heart of marketing – the WHY you do what you do.  People buy what you sell not because of what it is, it is because of WHY you do it.

Apple does what they do because they believe in seamless design and user experience.  They happen to sell computers, iPads and phones.  You buy their WHY, not their WHAT.  Web Marketing Therapy was launched to take the overwhelm out of web marketing.  We happen to sell agency services and training, but people hire my team for our WHY, not our WHAT.

Watch this TED video by Simon Sinek for a spoonful of marketing business sugar.  Nail what you BELIEVE, find the heart of your profession then evangelize it via your web marketing.  Work inside out.  It works!

Virtual Marketing Hugs,
The Marketing Therapist


  • Lorrie Thomas Ross, thank you for introducing me to Simon Sinek and his amazing talk at TED.
    He’s innovative and explains his concept beautifully.
    I love that Web Marketing Therapy uses this, “why we do it,” as opposed to, “what we do” viewpoint in their marketing services.
    I get it. Thanks for that.
    Calla Gold
    “Let me love your jewelry back to life”, instead of “I repair jewelry.” There I did it for one of my services!

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